[cryptosporidiosis in newborn calves in ankara region: clinical, haematological findings and treatment with lasalocid-na].in the first part of the present study, a total of 109 faeces samples collected from calves suffering from diarrhoea were examined for cryptosporidium parvum oocytes and 39 (35.8%) of them were found to be positive. on the basis of oocyte counts, 14 (36%) samples were assessed as mildly infected and 25 (64%) samples as heavily infected. the occurrence of the disease was more common in winter (56.4%) than during other seasons (autuma 0%, summer 15.4% spring 28.2%. in the present study, the ionoph ...200516028484
cryptosporidium species and cryptosporidium parvum subtypes in dairy calves and goat kids reared under traditional farming systems in turkey.molecular characterizations of cryptosporidium spp. in ruminants reared under traditional animal management systems are scarce and studies conducted thus far have revealed largely an absence of the pathogenic and zoonotic species cryptosporidium parvum in pre-weaned animals. in this study, we examined cryptosporidium species and subtype distribution in free-range pre-weaned dairy calves and goat kids with diarrhea. cryptosporidium-positive specimens from pre-weaned calves on 10 farms and goat ki ...201627373430
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