microbiology of hiv associated bacteraemia and diarrhoea in adults from nairobi, kenya.we undertook a retrospective descriptive comparison of the spectrum of pathogens responsible for bacteraemia and diarrhoea in hiv antibody positive and negative patients over 4 years (1988-92), in nairobi, kenya. the study population was recruited from primary to tertiary centres of clinical care and consisted of 2858 adults (15 years or older). there were 415 significant blood culture isolates, 192 from 1785 hiv negative patients and 223 from 953 hiv positive patients. there were 233 significan ...19968760961
investigation into the prevalence of bovine cryptosporidiosis among small-holder dairy households in dagoretti division, nairobi, determine the prevalence of bovine cryptosporidiosis and knowledge of this disease among smallholder dairy households in dagoretti division, nairobi, kenya.200718338725
cryptosporidium species detected in calves and cattle in dagoretti, nairobi, kenya.a total of 1,734 cattle faecal samples from 296 dairy-keeping households were collected from urban settings in nairobi, kenya. modified ziehl-neelsen staining method and an immunofluorescence assay were used to identify those samples with cryptosporidium oocyst infection. oocysts from positive faecal samples were isolated by sheather's sucrose flotation method and picked from the concentrate using cover slips. genomic dna was extracted from 124 of the faecal samples that were positive for crypto ...201222797974
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