[antigenic variants of the respiratory syncytial virus in argentina and uruguay].the characterization of rsv antigenic variants was carried out on 160 nasopharyngeal aspirates from children under 5 years of age, from argentina and uruguay, with acute respiratory infection and a previously positive etiological diagnosis for rsv. results for argentina were: 20.9% of samples belonged to subtype a, 76.9% to subtype b and the remaining 2.2% to new subtypes as yet uncharacterized. results for uruguay were: 5.6% of samples belonged to subtype a, 81% to subtype b and 13.5% to other ...19883231713
antigenic and genetic variability of human respiratory syncytial viruses (group a) isolated in uruguay and argentina: 1993-2001.the antigenic and genetic diversity of g glycoprotein from 25 human respiratory viruses (group a) isolated during nine consecutive epidemics (1993-2001) in montevideo, uruguay, and 7 strains isolated in buenos aires, argentina, in the same period were analyzed. genetic variability was evaluated by partial sequence of the g protein gene. phylogenetic analysis indicated that most uruguayan and argentinean group a isolates clustered into three genotypes: ga5, ga2, and ga1. some strains clustered in ...200312938207
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