incidence of respiratory syncytial virus-positive hospitalizations in germany.epidemiological data, especially population-based data, on respiratory syncytial virus (rsv)-related hospitalizations in germany have been lacking to date. since palivizumab (synagis, abbott, usa) is already available and new vaccines for active immunization are under development, these data are urgently needed. from july 1996 to june 1999, nasopharyngeal aspirates of children hospitalized in kiel with an acute respiratory tract infection were tested by multiplex reverse transcriptase polymerase ...200111561800
seasonality of respiratory syncytial virus-positive hospitalizations in children in kiel, germany, over a 7-year period.elaborate, long-term data on the rhythm, seasonality and severity of the yearly respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) epidemics in germany are lacking.200212236558
burden of disease in hospitalized rsv-positive children in spite of a large amount of data from other countries, those on the burden of disease attributed to respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) in germany are lacking and are urgently needed.200212424681
the incidence of influenza-associated hospitalizations in children in germany.since new vaccines and anti-viral drugs for influenza have become available, collation of actual and country-specific epidemiological data is essential. since respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is a well known paediatric airway pathogen and some epidemiological data exist already, a comparison between influenza and rsv seems warranted. from july 1996 to june 2001 the naso-pharyngeal aspirates (npa) of children from birth to 16 years of age, admitted to one of the two paediatric hospitals in kiel, ...200212558335
rsv-prevention in children guided by a web-based early warning system.passive immunization with palivizumab is expensive and requires considerable logistic effort. so far 5 monthly injections from november to march are recommended. the rsv season onset and its duration, however, shows considerable variation. in many countries on the northern hemisphere a dual rhythm is described.200515770573
the descriptive epidemiology of severe lower respiratory tract infections in children in kiel, germany.lower respiratory tract infections (lri) inflict a high burden of disease in children worldwide. longitudinal, descriptive epidemiological data on different forms of lri are urgently needed to differentiate this burden, compare population-based incidence rates between countries and to recognize trends.200516167272
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