antigenic and genomic diversity of central european respiratory syncytial virus strains.thirty-two rsv strains recovered during the winter months of 1987/88 to 1993/94 from hospitalized children in vienna, austria and zagreb, croatia were analysed for antigenic and genetic variations. twenty-nine of the 32 isolates investigated belonged to group a and 3 to group b, with the majority of infections caused by subgroup a1 (21 of 29). restriction endonuclease mapping of pcr products derived from parts of the n and g gene of 18 group a strains identified 3 distinct lineages, very similar ...19989722887
[hypoplastic left-heart syndrome. initial intensive care experiences with the norwood operation in vienna].palliative surgery of the hypoplastic left heart syndrome (hlhs), whereby both pulmonary and systemic circulation are restored, was first described by norwood in 1983. careful ventilatory and pharmacologic modulation of the ratio of pulmonary to systemic vascular resistance are a crucial part of pre-, peri- and postoperative management. we report our experience in 3 of 7 newborns with hlhs who underwent the norwood operation. hemodynamic and respiratory parameters were evaluated retrospectively ...199910067267
attributable deaths due to influenza: a comparative study of seasonal and pandemic influenza.influenza epidemics lead to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. up to now the overall impact of attributable deaths due to seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses in austria has not been investigated in detail. therefore we compared the number and age distribution of influenza associated deaths during ten influenza epidemic seasons to those observed during the pandemic influenza a(h1n1)2009 season. a poisson model, relating age and daily deaths to week of influenza season using national ...201222678614
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