excess drug prescriptions during influenza and rsv seasons in the netherlands: potential implications for extended influenza vaccination.influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infections are responsible for considerable morbidity, mortality and health-care resource use. for the netherlands, we estimated age and risk-group specific numbers of antibiotics, otologicals and cardiovascular prescriptions per 10,000 person-years during periods with elevated activity of influenza or rsv, and compared these with peri-season rates. data were taken from the university of groningen in-house prescription database ( and vi ...200919071185
viral, mycoplasma and bacterial infections in nurses with symptoms of respiratory diseases.a consecutive series of 282 nurses of the university hospital, groningen, with complaints of the nose and/or throat associated with coughing and/or hoarseness were examined between april 1965 and february 1968. the intent was to obtain information on the incidence of viral, mycoplasma and bacterial infections, and on the relationship of these infections in nurses with chronic nonspecific lung disease (cnsld). the following results were obtained: 1. virus infections caused by influenza virus (a, ...1976189386
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