berna: a century of immunobiological the time the swiss serum and vaccine institute berne (berna) was found in 1898, few vaccines or immune globulins were available. this short list included vaccines against cholera, typhoid fever, plague, smallpox and rabies and equine anti-tetanus and diphtheria immune globulins. furthermore, their use was restricted due to limited production capacity, uncertainty regarding safety and no public health infrastructure to promote their utilization. today, safe and effective vaccines exist for mor ...199910506402
regional impact of prophylaxis with the monoclonal antibody palivizumab on hospitalisations for respiratory syncytial virus in infants.palivizumab is approved in switzerland for prevention of hospitalisation for rsv infection in children with one of the following risk factors: (1) history of prematurity < or = 35 weeks and age < or = 6 months or (2) chronic lung disease and age < or = 1 year. regional data on the expected effectiveness of this monoclonal antibody are not available.200111416887
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