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local variability in respiratory syncytial virus disease severity.respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) lower respiratory tract infections are considered to be a serious disease in centres such as the sophia children's hospital (rotterdam, the netherlands), but as more benign infections in others such as the geneva children's hospital (switzerland). to assess the clinical severity of rsv infections at the two sites, 151 infants primarily admitted with a virologically confirmed rsv infection were studied prospectively (1994-5) and retrospectively (1993-4) (55 infan ...19979487963
epidemiology of viral respiratory infections in a tertiary care centre in the era of molecular diagnosis, geneva, switzerland, 2011-2012.few studies have examined the epidemiology of respiratory viral infections in large tertiary centres over more than one season in the era of molecular diagnosis. respiratory clinical specimens received between 1 january 2011 and 31 december 2012 were analysed. respiratory virus testing was performed using a large panel of real-time pcr or rt-pcr. results were analysed according to sample type (upper versus lower respiratory tract) and age group. in all, 2996 (2469 (82.4%) upper; 527 (17.6%) lowe ...201424382326
who informal consultation on surveillance of respiratory syncytial virus on the who global influenza surveillance and response system (gisrs) platform, 25–27 march 2015, geneva, switzerland. 201626753193
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