risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis hospital admission in new zealand.this study assessed risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) hospitalization and disease severity in wellington, new zealand. during the southern hemisphere winter months of 2003--2005, 230 infants aged < 24 months hospitalized with bronchiolitis were recruited. rsv was indentified in 141 (61%) infants. comparison with data from all live hospital births from the same region (2003--2005) revealed three independent risk factors for rsv hospitalization: birth between february and july [ad ...200818177522
an outbreak of legionella pneumophila suspected to be associated with spa pools on display at a retail store in new investigate and characterise a cluster of six cases of severe pneumonia in the wellington region notified to regional public health in november 2003. and to describe the public health response to an identified subgroup of legionella infections.200617063193
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