[a pathogenic and clinical study of 882 cases of adult influenza-like illness in guangzhou].this study was undertaken to describe the viral etiology and clinical features in patients with influenza-like illness (ili) in guangzhou.201021176504
[Etiology survey on virus of acute respiratory infection in Guangzhou from 2006 to 2009].To investigate the pathogens of acute respiratory infection (ARI) in Guangzhou from 2006 to 2009.201122177307
[preliminary studies on subtypes of respiratory syncytial virus in china].an analysis of subtypes of 9 respiratory syncytial (rs) viruses isolated from guangzhou and nanjing areas of china was carried out with eight sweden rs-subtype specific monoclonal antibodies (mabs) and 7 internal anti-rs mabs. all these mabs directed against respectively the large glycoprotein (g), fusion protein (f), nucleoprotein (np), and phosphoprotein (p) components of the prototype long strain of rs virus. the patterns of the reactions of these mabs to the nine isolated strains of rs virus ...19911814050
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