[the epidemiological study of adenovirus in children with respiratory tract infections in nanjing area from 2010 to 2011].to investigate the epidemiological features and types of human adenoviruses (adv) in children with acute respiratory tract infection in nanjing area, china. nasopharyngeal aspirates and nasopharyngeal swabs were collected from 644 outpatients or hospitalized pediatric patients with arti at the children hospital of nanjing, jiangsu province, china, between august 2010 and july 2011. adenoviruses were identified and typed from the collected clinical specimens by nested-pcr based on the partial reg ...201223233929
[virologic and serologic observations in an outbreak of infantile bronchopneumonitis].from december 1985 to february 1986 in si hong county, jiang su province an outbreak of bronchopneumonitis occurred. in december the number of admitted infant cases with bronchopneumonitis was 32% of total hospitalized cases. the youngest infant was 28 days in age and the oldest was one and half years. 71.5% percent occurred in children less than six months in age. from nasopharyngeal washing of acute cases were isolated 6 strains of viruses. the result of identification of them revealed that th ...19892611868
[preliminary studies on subtypes of respiratory syncytial virus in china].an analysis of subtypes of 9 respiratory syncytial (rs) viruses isolated from guangzhou and nanjing areas of china was carried out with eight sweden rs-subtype specific monoclonal antibodies (mabs) and 7 internal anti-rs mabs. all these mabs directed against respectively the large glycoprotein (g), fusion protein (f), nucleoprotein (np), and phosphoprotein (p) components of the prototype long strain of rs virus. the patterns of the reactions of these mabs to the nine isolated strains of rs virus ...19911814050
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