emergence of domestically acquired ceftriaxone-resistant salmonella infections associated with ampc beta-lactamase.ceftriaxone, an expanded-spectrum cephalosporin, is an antimicrobial agent commonly used to treat severe salmonella infections, especially in children. ceftriaxone-resistant salmonella infections have recently been reported in the united states, but the extent of the problem is unknown.200011135779
prevalences of zoonotic bacteria among seabirds in rehabilitation centers along the pacific coast of california and washington, usa.many seabirds are rehabilitated annually by wildlife rehabilitation centers along the pacific coast, usa. although various strains of zoonotic bacteria have been isolated from seabirds, risks to rehabilitators at these centers have not been well documented. from november 2001 through january 2003, we determined the prevalence of detectable enteric fauna by isolation and characterization of gram-negative bacteria from cloacal swabs taken from 26 common murres (uria aalge), 49 gulls (larus spp.), ...200516456162
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