emergence of serine carbapenemases (kpc and sme) among clinical strains of enterobacteriaceae isolated in the united states medical centers: report from the mystic program (1999-2005).among 8885 enterobacteriaceae tested in the 1999 to 2005 period as part of the usa meropenem yearly susceptibility test information collection (mystic) program, 51 strains with increased imipenem and meropenem mic values (> or =2 microg/ml) were detected. bla(kpc) was identified from 28 klebsiella pneumoniae from 3 medical centers in the new york city area (8 ribotypes), 2 klebsiella oxytoca from arkansas (same ribotype), 7 citrobacter freundii (6 from new york [5 ribotypes] and 1 from delaware) ...200617020798
prevalence of colonization with antibiotic resistant gram-negative bacilli in a nursing home care unit: the importance of cross-colonization as documented by plasmid analysis.a prevalence study was carried out on a 100-bed veterans administration nursing home care unit to determine the extent of colonization with gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli (grgnb). hand cultures of 12 employees and 17 environmental cultures were negative. twenty-six of 86 (30%) patients were colonized with 49 grgnb. sixteen patients (19%) had urinary colonization. multivariate analysis revealed significant associations between rectal or perineal colonization (p less than 0.01), and th ...19863536783
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