linkage of acquired quinolone resistance (qnrs1) and metallo-beta-lactamase (blavim-1) genes in multiple species of enterobacteriaceae from bolzano, italy.twenty-four of 209 oxyimino-cephalosporin- and/or aztreonam-resistant enterobacteriaceae collected around bolzano had reduced susceptibility or resistance to carbapenems and gave positive metallo-beta-lactamase (mbl) tests. their resistance mechanisms were investigated.200818184647
metallo-β-lactamases among enterobacteriaceae from routine samples in an italian tertiary-care hospital and long-term care facilities during 2008.the emergence of metallo-β-lactamase (mbl)-producing enterobacteriaceae is a serious public health concern. producers have been repeatedly isolated from patients and long-term care facility (ltcf) residents around bolzano, and we sought to assess their prevalence and clinical impact. all routine enterobacteriaceae isolates from a bolzano tertiary-care hospital and associated long-term care facilities in 2008 (n = 5500) were screened for mbls, with case details reviewed for the source patients. i ...201120345467
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