mechanical carrier of bacterial enteric pathogens by chrysomya megacephala (diptera: calliphoridae) in chiang mai, thailand.chrysomya megacephala was studied regarding its mechanically bacterial carrier in urban areas of chiang mai, northern thailand. fifty-six adult flies were randomly collected using sweep insect net during april-may, 1999 from 3 fresh food markets and examined for bacteriological isolation. among them, 49 flies (87.5%) were bacterial carriers. the total 22 bacterial species and 8 groups were isolated. three species previously reported as the bacterial enteric pathogens causing diarrheal disease we ...200011414447
parasitic and bacterial contamination in collards using effluent from treated domestic wastewater in chiang mai, thailand.thailand often has inadequate water supply for agriculture during the dry season. the reuse of treated wastewater treatment plants could solve this problem. treatment of domestic wastewater of chiang mai municipality by the aerated lagoon system (al) releases more than 25,000 m3 of treated water everyday. the reuse of wastewater in agriculture is an efficient use of water, especially in tropical countries or in drought zones. the objective of this study is to demonstrate the possibility of using ...200112041598
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