an outbreak of typhoid due to multidrug resistant salmonella typhi in outbreak of typhoid due to multi-drug resistant salmonella typhi is reported from pondicherry, india. while the average prevalence of drug resistant strains in 1980-1988 had been 11.7%, it increased to 52% in 1989-1990. the majority of strains (80.8%) were resistant to chloramphenicol, streptomycin, tetracycline and ampicillin; 40% were resistant to co-trimoxazole. minimum inhibitory concentrations to 8 antibiotics for 17 representative strains were more than 10-fold greater than those of 13 ...19921440790
typhoid fever caused by chloramphenicol-resistant organisms in pondicherry. 19827182395
pattern of nontyphoid ileal perforation over three decades in pondicherry.two hundred and twelve cases of ileal perforation due to different causes (excluding typhoid) were treated in 3 phases in the department of surgery, jipmer hospital, pondicherry, during the periods 1966-78 (phase i), 1981-88 (phase ii) and 1990-1998 (phase iii). forty per cent of the patients were in the second and third decades of life. male-to-female ratio was 2.2:1. the majority of the perforations (52.8%) were due to non-specific causes. trauma (19.3%) and mechanical factors (12.7%) were the ...200314978991
current pattern in antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella typhi isolates in pondicherry.typhoid fever continues to remain a health problem as the causative organism salmonella typhi has developed resistance to many of the antibiotics used. this study was undertaken to determine the current pattern of resistance to antimicrobial agents and phage types of s.typhi isolates obtained in a tertiary health care hospital in pondicherry. blood culture was done for 1296 suspected cases of enteric fever and 157 strains of s. typhi were isolated. sensitivity to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, gen ...200415347861
antimicrobial resistance trends in blood culture positive salmonella typhi isolates from pondicherry, india, 2005-2009.clin microbiol infect abstract: typhoid fever is caused by salmonella enterica serovar typhi, a major public health concern in developing countries. recently, there has been an upsurge in the occurrence of bacterial isolates that are resistant to ciprofloxacin, and the emergence of broad spectrum +¦-lactamases in typhoidal salmonellae constitutes a new challenge for the clinician. a total of 337 blood culture isolates of s.-átyphi, isolated from pondicherry, india, between january 2005 and decem ...201121714829
distribution of salmonella typhi phage types from pondicherry, india. 201525673620
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