a serological survey of bovine brucellosis in india.a serological survey of brucellosis in cattle and buffalo was performed in 23 states of india. a total of 30,437 bovine samples, comprising 23,284 cattle and 7,153 buffalo (bubalus bubalis), were screened. the screening initially used the rose bengal plate test: doubtful and positive samples were then titrated in the serum tube agglutination test. the overall prevalence rate of antibodies was 1.9% in cattle and 1.8% in buffalo. in a detailed study of 47 organised farms in the southern state of k ...19989850550
brucellosis in high risk group individuals.the purpose of this study was to investigate the seroprevalence of brucellosis among high-risk group individuals, consisting of veterinarians and para-veterinarians, shepherds, butchers and animal owners.200717377349
trend of human brucellosis over a decade at tertiary care centre in north karnataka.brucellosis is an important zoonotic disease. india having a major agrarian population is expected to have a higher prevalence. however, due to lack of laboratory facility or awareness among clinicians, the disease is largely underreported. the aim of this study was to know the prevalence and trend of human brucellosis over a decade, in patients attending a teaching hospital in north karnataka, and to understand their geographical distribution.201727934819
seroprevalence study of human brucellosis by conventional tests and indigenous indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.brucellosis is one of the most important reemerging zoonoses in many countries. brucellosis is caused by gram-negative coccobacillus belonging to genus brucella. human brucellosis often makes the diagnosis difficult. the symptoms and clinical signs most commonly reported are fever, fatigue, malaise, chills, sweats headaches, myalgia, arthralgia, and weight loss. some cases have been presented with only joint pain, lower backache, and involuntary limb movement, burning feet, or ischemic heart att ...201222566755
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