genetic homogeneity of measles viruses associated with a measles outbreak, são paulo, brazil, 1997.during a resurgence of measles in são paulo, brazil, in 1997, >40,000 cases (peak incidence rate of 246/100,000 inhabitants) and 42 measles-related deaths were reported. reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction and nucleotide sequencing were used to analyze specimens from patients who had typical clinical measles infection during this outbreak and from six patients who had had measles in 1995 and 1996. although wild-type measles viruses (genotypes d5 and d6) were present in são paulo befo ...200212141966
congenital and neonatal measles during an epidemic in são paulo, brazil in 1997.during a measles outbreak, 2 mothers with measles gave birth at university hospital in são paulo city, brazil. blood, saliva and urine were collected from the mothers and newborns. measles virus genome and igm antibodies against measles were detected. in 1 infant, measles virus genome persisted in peripheral blood mononuclear cells for 157 days after birth.200515818302
etiologies of rash and fever illnesses in campinas, brazil.few population-based studies of infectious etiologies of fever-rash illnesses have been conducted. this study reports on enhanced febrile-rash illness surveillance in campinas, brazil, a setting of low measles and rubella virus transmission.201121954258
investigation of measles igm-seropositive cases of febrile rash illnesses in the absence of documented measles virus transmission, state of são paulo, brazil, review measles igm-positive cases of febrile rash illnesses in the state of são paulo, brazil, over the five-year period following interruption of measles virus transmission.201020563487
[investigation of measles cases in the state of são paulo after monitoring]. 200516254666
optimal age for vaccination against measles in the state of são paulo, brazil, taking into account the mother's order to investigate if the changing levels of measles antibody in women resulting from extensive vaccination programs influence the susceptibility of children, we measured the seroprevalence of measles virus antibody of children in the first year of life and of their mothers. we compared maternal antibody decay of two groups of children: those whose mothers were 25 years old or more (mothers born in the pre-vaccination era), and less than 25 years old (mothers born in the vaccination era). t ...200111567768
identification of primary and secondary measles vaccine failures by measurement of immunoglobulin g avidity in measles cases during the 1997 são paulo epidemic.despite almost universal use of measles vaccines in recent decades, epidemics of the disease continue to occur. understanding the role of primary vaccine failure (failure to seroconvert after vaccination) and secondary vaccine failures (waning immunity after seroconversion) in measles epidemics is important for the evaluation of measles control programs in developing countries. after a measles epidemic in são paulo, brazil, 159 cases previously confirmed by detection of specific immunoglobulin m ...200414715557
rash after measles vaccination: laboratory analysis of cases reported in são paulo, brazil.the clinical differential diagnosis of rash due to viral infections is often difficult, and misdiagnosis is not rare, especially after the introduction of measles and rubella vaccination. a study to determine the etiological diagnosis of exanthema was carried out in a group of children after measles vaccination.200212045795
measles, killer of millions in developing countries: strategy for rapid elimination and continuing control.measles, which is still killing about two million children a year in poor countries, was mostly eliminated within two to three months after the conclusion of a special, national mass vaccination campaign in which all children of a selected age group received measles vaccine subcutaneously during a period of days to months, regardless of a history of previous vaccination or measles. this strategy was tested in the dominican republic in 1985, in cuba in 1986-87, and in the state of são paulo, braz ...19911902797
measles vaccination: influence of age on its efficacy.the authors compare the serologic efficacy and the clinical protection afforded by three different measles vaccination schemes in adequately nourished children in são paulo city, brazil. two hundred forty two children were divided into three groups. group a, comprising 117 children who had received the vaccine before 12 months of age and a second dose at 12 months of age or more. group b, comprising 46 children who had received only one dose, before 12 months of age. group c, comprising 79 child ...19892629061
[measles outbreak in the metropolitan region of campinas, sao paulo state, brazil].brazil has not had endemic circulation of the measles virus since 2000. between may and june 2011, the metropolitan region of campinas, state of sao paulo, southeastern brazil, reported three cases of measles. this report presents a descriptive study of the cases, control measures, and the search for a possible source and secondary cases. the genotypic characterization of the virus identified genotype d4, circulating in europe. secondary cases or index case were not found. the control measures a ...201324626560
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