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helminth parasites of leptodactylus podicipinus (anura: leptodactylidae) from south-eastern pantanal, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.forty-three specimens of leptodactylus podicipinus (anura: leptodactylidae) were collected in the south-eastern pantanal, municipality of corumbá, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil in february and july 2007, and examined for endoparasites. forty (93%) specimens were infected with at least one helminth species. the predominant parasites were nematodes (aplectana sp., cosmocerca podicipinus, oswaldocruzia lopesi, physalopteroides venancioi, rhabdias sp.), but the trematode catadiscus propinquus ...200919422730
characterization of hepatozoon spp. in leptodactylus chaquensis and leptodactylus podicipinus from two regions of the pantanal, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.hepatozoon sp. are parasites that commonly infect frogs and arthropod vectors. this species has variability in the morphological and morphometric characteristics. due to these variations, the naming of the species is thus impaired and only by visualizing the sporogonic cycle in vector and by molecular studies this problem can be solved. recently, the use of molecular genetics has helped the species denomination. in this work, we collected 145 frogs (68 leptodactylus chaquensis and 77 leptodactyl ...201525645008
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