[genetic effect of the marker assisted selection on economic traits of goats].the genetic relationships between economic traits and genetic markers were studied in 147 goats including chaidamu goat (cs), chaidamu cashmere goat (crs) and liaoning cashmere goat (lrs) in qinghai province, china. crs was the population of csxlrs crossbred. the results showed as follows: the selection reaction of these blood protein polymorphisic loci were great, such as esd, lap and p(a-3); and esd2-2, lapbb and pa-32-2 were the superior marker genotypes on body weight ,cashmere yield and cas ...200415640075
correlation analysis of economic traits in liaoning new breed of cashmere goats using microsatellite dna markers.the economic traits of liaoning new breed of cashmere goats, a special chinese genetic resource, were analyzed in 150 animals by typing 11 microsatellite loci. the association between three economic traits (body weight, cashmere yield and fineness) in this new breed of goats and the marker genotypes were analyzed. the results show that: aa and bc at lscv13, de at idvga64 and bb at bms2782 were favorable genotypes for body weight. ab at lscv13, ad and be at cssm11, bd and cc at idvga64, bc and de ...200616553211
[the correlation analysis of blood protein polymorphism with economic traits in liaoning new-breeding cashmere goat].polymorphism of six blood protein loci from liaoning new-breeding cashmere goat was studied by using vertical discontinuous polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis(page)and the relationship between blood protein loci to economic traits was analyzed. economic traits were analyzed by proc glm of sas. and the data were multiple compared. the results showed that esbb was the favourable genotypes to body weight, and tfbb and amy1-2 were the favourable genotypes to cashmere yield. they may be regarded as g ...200616735230
at least two genetically distinct large babesia species infective to sheep and goats in china.a fatal disease of sheep and goats in the northern part of china has been reported to be due to babesia ovis. however, some characteristics of the causative agent in recent reports are not in accordance with the original attributes ascribed to this parasite. therefore, the 18s small subunit ribosomal rna (18s rrna) genes of a number of babesia isolates in china were sequenced and compared with that of other babesia and theileria species in an attempt to clarify their taxonomic position. in the p ...200717531391
characterization and expression analysis of kap7.1, kap8.2 gene in liaoning new-breeding cashmere goat hair follicle.keratin-associated protein is one of the major structural proteins of the hair, whose content in hair has important effect on the quality of cashmere. in order to study the relationship between hgtkap gene expression and cashmere fineness, the quantitative real-time rt-pcr (qrt-pcr) was firstly used to detect the levels of kap7.1, kap8.2 gene expression in the primary and secondary hair follicles; semi-quantitative rt-pcr was used to detect whether kap7.1, kap8.2 gene are expressed in heart, liv ...201120151326
characterization of the ghr gene genetic variation in chinese indigenous goat breeds.the aim of the present work was to investigate single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) of growth hormone receptor (ghr) gene exon 10, characterize the genetic variation in three chinese indigenous goat breeds, and search for its potential association with cashmere traits. in this study, a polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) protocol has been developed for rapid genotyping of the ghr gene in goats. one hundred seventy-eight goats from liaoning cashmere (96), ...201120364329
polymorphisms of caprine gdf9 gene and their association with litter size in jining grey goats.the exons 1, 2 and flanking region of growth differentiation factor 9 (gdf9) gene in five randomly selected does of jining grey, boer and liaoning cashmere goats were amplified and analyzed. thirteen nucleotide differences were identified in gdf9 gene between sheep (af078545) and goats. four snps (g3288a in intron 1, g423a, a959c [gln320pro] and g1189a [val397ile] in exon 2) were detected in four goat breeds with different prolificacy, in which g3288a was a new snp in goats. the results showed t ...201021181498
polymorphisms of caprine pou1f1 gene and their association with litter size in jining grey pairs of primers were designed to amplify 5' promoter region, six exons and partial introns and to detect the polymorphisms of pou1f1 gene in five goat breeds with different prolificacy. the results showed that six mutations were identified in caprine pou1f1 gene including c256t in exon 3, c53t and t123g in intron 3, and g682t (a228s), t723g and c837t in exon 6. the former four mutations were novel snps in goat pou1f1 gene. the 53 and 123 loci were in complete linkage disequilibrium in fiv ...201121769479
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