isolation of getah virus from mosquitos collected on hainan island, china, and results of a isolate of getah virus was obtained from culex mosquitos collected in mao'an village, baoting county, hainan province, china, in 1964. the virus (strain m-1) replicated in laboratory-bred aedes aegypti and cx. fatigans (= quinquefasciatus), and was transmitted by laboratory-bred ae. albopictus to healthy newborn albino mice. skeletal muscles of newborn albino mice experimentally infected with the virus showed degeneration, atrophy, necrosis, and inflammatory changes of muscle fibers. antibody ...19921338481
genomic analysis of a chinese isolate of getah-like virus and its phylogenetic relationship with other alphavirus, m-1 strain, was isolated from a pool of culicine mosquitoes collected in hainan island of china during an arbovirus survey in 1964. in the present study, we determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the m-1 strain using rt-pcr and race techniques. the m-1 genome is 11,690 nucleotides (nt) in length and contains two open reading frames (orfs) encoding four nonstructural proteins and five structural proteins, respectively. searches using blast and comparison analyses suggested ...200717570048
[molecular analysis on the capsid gene and 3' untranslation region of three getah viruses isolated in china].to compare the molecular characteristics of the capsid gene and 3' untranslation region (3'utr) of getah viruses (getv) isolated in hainan province and hebei province of china,the viral rnas were extracted from m1(hainan), hb0215-3 and hb0234(hebei) virus stocks. capsid gene segments and 3' utr segments from three strains of chinese getv were obtained by rt-pcr and then sequenced. the obtained nucleotide sequences were analyzed using the clustal x(1.8), dnastar, maga3.1 programs. the full-length ...200717894228
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