molecular epidemiological and phylogenetic analyses of canine parvovirus in domestic dogs and cats in beijing, 2010-2013.fifty-five samples (15.62%) collected from dogs and cats were identified as canine parvovirus (cpv) infection in beijing during 2010-2013. the nucleotide identities and aa similarities were 98.2-100% and 97.7-100%, respectively, when compared with the reference isolates. also, several synonymous and non-synonymous mutations were also recorded for the first time. new cpv-2a was dominant, accounting for 90.90% of the samples. two of the 16 samples collected from cats were identified as new cpv-2a ...201526028021
[genetic variation analysis of canine parvovirus vp2 gene in china].to recognize the molecular biology character, phylogenetic relationship and the state quo prevalent of canine parvovirus (cpv), faecal samnples from pet dogs with acute enteritis in the cities of beijing, wuhan, and nanjing were collected and tested for cpv by pcr and other assay between 2006 and 2008. there was no cpv to fpv (mev) variation by pcr-rflp analysis in all samples. the complete orfs of vp2 genes were obtained by pcr from 15 clinical cpvs and 2 cpv vaccine strains. all amplicons were ...200920077936
expression or subcellular targeting of virus capsid proteins with cloning genome of a canine parvovirus from china.a strain of canine parvovirus (cpv), designated b2004, was isolated from the stool of a sick dog in beijing. the partial genome (4623bp) was cloned, sequenced with sequence showing b2004 to be a member of the widely distributed cpv-2a subclade. a completed vp2 or 11-residue n-terminal peptide (mappakrarrg) of vp1 from b2004 was also tested for its ability to mediate nuclear transport of a heterologous protein, in this case enhanced green fluorescence protein (egfp). egfp was detected in the nucl ...200919344923
isolation and characterization of feline panleukopenia virus from a diarrheic monkey.a feline panleukopenia virus (fpv) mutant, monkey/bj-22/2008/chn, was isolated from intestinal contents of a diarrheic monkey in beijing, china. the virus was identified by morphology and physicochemical characteristics, and specific fragments were obtained by pcr using consensus primers of parvovirus and specific primers of fpv. sequence of the full-length vp2 gene of the isolated fpv was determined and analyzed by comparison with reference fpv and canine parvovirus (cpv) isolates, showing high ...201020044220
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