a measles outbreak among a may, 1975, outbreak, 147 adolescents, ages 12 to 19 years, were identified as having measles by a physician or school nurse. one junior high school, with an enrollment of 1,122, contributed 131 of the cases. of the 147 students, 54 were seen by physicians who also supplied their immunization records; 19 of 54 (35%) had received live measles virus vaccine without measles immune globulin, after age one year. the remaining 35 received: killed virus vaccine only (1), k + l (4), l + mig (4), l a ...1977830888
a field trial of inactivated measles virus vaccine in young school children. protection during 27 months of follow-up. 19655897357
reported measles in persons immunologically primed by prior vaccination. 19827108659
measles antibody in vaccinated human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected children.the goals of this study were to evaluate the proportion of previously vaccinated human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) type 1-infected children with detectable postvaccination measles antibody; to assess risk factors for vaccine failure; and to evaluate the response to reimmunization.19968628602
a personal history of stapedectomy.aristotle has said the essential ingredient of tragedy is first hubris. fame leads to the hubris that offends the gods, who send great punishment. this is so true in the history of stapedectomy. the three distinct eras of surgery for otosclerosis teach us a lot about what happens in science and in life. the first stapes era began in europe, ahead of its time, and in those halcyon days before the turn of the century, the belle epoch, proceeded, uncorrected to its tragic extreme, and then was stop ...19989755788
prevalence of measles antibody among young adult healthcare workers in a cancer hospital: 1980s versus 1998-1999.despite the 1989 advisory committee on immunization practices recommendation of a second dose of vaccine, measles seropositivity rates had declined for adult healthcare workers in their 20s hired at a cancer hospital between 1998 and 1999 compared with those of the same age hired between 1983 and 1988. continued monitoring will be important as individuals born after 1989 enter the workforce.200212026154
immunization with inactivated measles virus vaccine: effect of booster dose and response to natural challenge. 196514313365
measles surveillance in five major us cities: chicago, houston, los angeles, miami, and new york.endemic measles, if it occurs in the united states, will likely be found in cities, because large populations are required to sustain transmission and importations of measles virus are most frequent in cities. we investigated measles surveillance systems in 5 cities (chicago, houston, los angeles, miami, new york city) during 1995-1999. the passive reporting of a measles case activated the systems to look for more cases and to intervene to prevent more cases. during 1995-1999, 1363 suspected mea ...200415106114
convalescent whole blood, plasma and serum in the prophylaxis of measles: jama, 12 april, 1926; 1180-1187. 200516211552
a limited measles outbreak in a highly vaccinated us boarding school.we investigated a measles outbreak that began in march 2003 in a pennsylvania boarding school with >600 students to identify all cases, including the source; implement outbreak control measures; and evaluate vaccine effectiveness.200516322148
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