hematozoa of hatch-year common mergansers from michigan.fifty-five hatch-year common mergansers (mergus merganser) were sampled for hematozoa from douglas lake (michigan, usa) on 17 july 1995. forty-one (75%) were infected with hematozoa. haemoproteus greineri and leucocytozoon simondi were common, infecting 28 (51%) and 26 (47%) common mergansers, respectively. plasmodium circumflexum infected two (4%) birds. the common merganser is a new host record for h. greineri and p. circumflexum. intensity data indicate possible negative interspecific interac ...200111310899
efficacy of praziquantel in treating natural schistosome infections in common mergansers.fifty-one common mergansers were captured on douglas lake (cheboygan county, michigan) and their avian schistosome loads were determined by fecal examination. each bird was given a single dose of 0, 40, or 200 mg/kg of body weight of praziquantel and released. all birds were recaptured within 10 days of drug administration to determine posttreatment schistosome loads. only the highest dose of praziquantel was found to significantly reduce avian schistosome loads. the potential use of praziquante ...200111318576
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