amblyomma auricularium (ixodida: ixodidae) in florida: new hosts and distribution records.previous published evidence for the occurrence of an exotic armadillo tick, amblyomma auricularium (conil), in florida is scant, but we found it is fully established and integrated into the state's tick fauna. we collected 11,192 specimens of this tick from naturalized nine-banded armadillos, dasypus novemcinctus l., and 14 other species of wild native mammals and birds in florida, while sampling statewide during 2004 through 2007. in all, we document its specific presence only in 14 contiguous ...201728082640
volatile and semivolatile compounds in gray catbird uropygial secretions vary with age and between breeding and wintering grounds.the uropygial secretions of some bird species contain volatile and semivolatile compounds that are hypothesized to serve as chemical signals. the abundance of secretion components varies with age and season, although these effects have not been investigated in many species. we used solid-phase microextraction headspace sampling and solvent extraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to detect and identify volatile and semivolatile chemical compounds in uropygial secretions of gr ...201121424249
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