high seroprevalence of antibodies to avian influenza viruses among wild waterfowl in alaska: implications for surveillance.we examined seroprevalence (presence of detectable antibodies in serum) for avian influenza viruses (aiv) among 4,485 birds, from 11 species of wild waterfowl in alaska (1998-2010), sampled during breeding/molting periods. seroprevalence varied among species (highest in eiders (somateria and polysticta species), and emperor geese (chen canagica)), ages (adults higher than juveniles), across geographic locations (highest in the arctic and alaska peninsula) and among years in tundra swans (cygnus ...201323472177
evidence that life history characteristics of wild birds influence infection and exposure to influenza a viruses.we report on life history characteristics, temporal, and age-related effects influencing the frequency of occurrence of avian influenza (ai) viruses in four species of migratory geese breeding on the yukon-kuskokwim delta, alaska. emperor geese (chen canagica), cackling geese (branta hutchinsii), greater white-fronted geese (anser albifrons), and black brant (branta bernicla), were all tested for active infection of ai viruses upon arrival in early may, during nesting in june, and while molting ...201323469210
studies on the helminth fauna of alaska. vi. the parasites of the emperor goose (philacte canagica l.) with the description of hymenolepis philactes, n. sp. 195114841569
paramonostomum malerischi n. sp. (trematoda: digenea: notocotylidae) from the emperor goose (philacte canagica l.) in alaska. 195713476312
blood selenium concentrations and enzyme activities related to glutathione metabolism in wild emperor 1998, we collected blood samples from 63 emperor geese (chen canagica) on their breeding grounds on the yukon-kuskokwim delta (ykd) in western alaska, usa. we studied the relationship between selenium concentrations in whole blood and the activities of glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase in plasma. experimental studies have shown that plasma activities of these enzymes are useful biomarkers of selenium-induced oxidative stress, but little information is available on their relatio ...200212371495
plasma biochemistry values in emperor geese (chen canagica) in alaska: comparisons among age, sex, incubation, and molt.reduced populations of emperor geese (chen canagica), a bering sea endemic, provided the need to assess plasma biochemistry values as indicators of population health. a precursory step to such an investigation was to evaluate patterns of variability in plasma biochemistry values among age, sex, and reproductive period. plasma from 63 emperor geese was collected on their breeding grounds on the yukon-kuskokwim delta in western alaska, usa. the geese sampled included 18 incubating adult females ca ...200919569480
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