polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure in steller's eiders (polysticta stelleri) and harlequin ducks (histronicus histronicus) in the eastern aleutian islands, alaska, usa.seaducks may be affected by harmful levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) at seaports near the arctic. as an indicator of exposure to pahs, we measured hepatic enzyme 7-ethoxyresorufin-o-deethylase activity (erod) to determine cytochrome p4501a induction in steller's eiders (polysticta stelleri) and harlequin ducks (histronicus histronicus) from unalaska, popof, and unga islands (ak, usa) in 2002 and 2003. we measured pahs and organic contaminants in seaduck prey samples and polychlo ...200718020694
environmental contaminants in four eider species from alaska and arctic russia.population declines in four species of eider; common (somateria mollissima), king (somateria spectabilis), spectacled (somateria fischeri) and steller's (polysticta stelleri), have raised concerns about exposure to contaminants. livers and kidney tissues were collected from eiders in alaska and russia for organic and elemental analyses. results showed that organochlorine and many elemental levels were below toxic thresholds; however, in many cases, cadmium, copper, lead and serenium appeared hig ...200212152828
blood lead levels of wild steller's eiders (polysticta stelleri) and black scoters (melanitta nigra) in alaska using a portable blood lead analyzer.sea duck populations are declining in alaska. the reasons for the decline are not known; environmental lead exposure is one suspected cause. thirty wild steller's eider ducks (polysticta stelleri) and 40 wild black scoter ducks (melanitta nigra) were tested for blood lead levels using a portable blood lead analyzer (leadcare; esa, inc., chelmsford, massachusetts 01824, usa). sixty-seven and one-tenth percent of the sea ducks had undetectable blood lead levels, 30.0% had values indicating normal ...200617319136
evidence for limited exchange of avian influenza viruses between seaducks and dabbling ducks at alaska peninsula coastal lagoons.avian influenza virus (aiv) prevalence and sequence data were analyzed for steller's eiders (polysticta stelleri) to assess the role of this species in transporting virus genes between continents and maintaining a regional viral reservoir with sympatric northern pintails (anas acuta). aiv prevalence was 0.2% at izembek lagoon and 3.9% at nelson lagoon for steller's eiders and 11.2% for northern pintails at izembek lagoon. phylogenetic analysis of 13 aivs from steller's eiders revealed that 4.9% ...201121766196
contaminants and sea ducks in alaska and the circumpolar region.we review nesting sea duck population declines in alaska during recent decades and explore the possibility that contaminants may be implicated. aerial surveys of the surf scoter (melanitta perspicillata), white-winged scoter (m. fusca), black scoter (m. nigra), oldsqaw (clangula hyemalis), spectacled eider (somateria fischeri), and steller's eider (polysticta stellei) show long-term breeding population declines, especially the latter three species. the spectacled eider was recently classified th ...19957556023
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