gastroenteric virus dissemination and influence of rainfall events in urban beaches in brazil.this study was conducted to assess rotavirus a (rv-a), genogroup ii (gii) norovirus (nov), and human adenovirus (hadv) dissemination in recreational water in an urban beach located in the city of rio de janeiro and their persistence during rainfall events.201424980661
molecular analysis of the nsp4 and vp6 genes of rotavirus strains recovered from hospitalized children in rio de janeiro, a rotaviruses are the main cause of acute gastroenteritis in children throughout the world. the two outer capsid proteins, vp4 and vp7, define the p and g genotypes, respectively. rotaviruses with p[8]g1, p[4]g2, p[8]g3 and p[8]g4 genotypes are predominant in infecting humans and the g9 genotype is emerging in most continents as the fifth most common g type worldwide. the inner capsid protein vp6 is responsible for subgroup (sg) specificities, allowing classification of rotaviruses into sg ...200717510274
molecular epidemiology of group a rotavirus causing acute diarrhea in infants and young children hospitalized in rio de janeiro, brazil, 1995-1996.during 1995-1996, an epidemiological survey was conducted at fernandes figueira institute (rio de janeiro, dc) on group a rotavirus strains causing acute diarrhea in infants and young children. rotaviruses were detected in 15.7% of examined specimens. among the rotavirus strains tested for dsrna by page, 70% belonged to the long pattern and 30% to the short pattern. a long pattern classified as la was the prevalent electropherotype among all of the types, and the prevalent short pattern was a un ...200010934494
environmental dissemination of group a rotavirus: p-type, g-type and subgroup characterization.rotaviruses a (rv-a) infection is the most common cause of acute diarrheal diseases in infants and the dissemination of these viruses in the environment represents a public health hazard. the present study aims to evaluate reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) based protocols for the detection of rv-a genes in different types of environmental samples. rv-a were concentrated by the adsorption-elution method using negatively charged membranes associated with a centriprep concent ...200919657158
detection and molecular characterization of group a rotavirus from hospitalized children in rio de janeiro, brazil, 2004.rotavirus is a major cause of infantile acute diarrhea, causing about 440,000 deaths per year, mainly in developing countries. the world health organization has been recommending the assessment of rotavirus burden and strain characterization as part of the strategies of immunization programs against this pathogen. in this context, a prospective study was made on a sample of 134 children with acute diarrhea and severe dehydration admitted to venous fluid therapy in two state hospitals in rio de j ...200616862325
an outbreak of diarrhoea associated with rotavirus serotype 1 in a day care nursery in rio de janeiro, brazil.faeces from 17 children less than 1.6 years old and 15 adults more than 22 years old were collected during an outbreak of gastroenteritis in a day care nursery and screened for the presence of adenovirus and rotavirus by enzyme immunoassay (eiara) and other viruses by electron microscopy (em) and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page). ten samples (58.8%) from children and one (6.7%) from adults were positive for rotavirus and all samples were negative for bacteria and parasites. no other vir ...19947823820
detection of uncommon rotavirus a strains p[8]g8 and p[4]g8 in the city of rio de janeiro, a rotaviruses (rv-a) are the major cause of gastroenteritis in infants and young children around the world. each year rv-a causes approximately 11 million episodes of severe diarrhea, with an estimated of 611,000 deaths. epidemiologic surveys have identified p[8]g1, p[4]g2, p[8]g3, p[8]g4, and p[8]g9 as the most common global genotypes associated with diarrhea in children up to 5-year old. surveillance studies and documentation of rv-a g and p genotypes is necessary for a comprehensive eva ...201020513095
multiple-gene characterization of rotavirus strains: evidence of genetic linkage among the vp7-, vp4-, vp6-, and nsp4-encoding genes.a total of 162 rotavirus strains detected between 1996 and 2006 among individuals with diarrhea in rio de janeiro, brazil, were analyzed by multiple-gene genotyping. characterization of strains was done by rt-pcr assay for amplification and typing of the vp7-, vp4-, vp6-, and nsp4-encoding genes. overall, 139 (85.8%) strains belonged to the common group a rotavirus combinations: 67 (41.4%) belonged to genotype g1-p[8]-i1-e1; 18 (11.1%) were g2-p[4]-i2-e2; 11 (6.8%) were g3-p[8]-i1-e1; 12 (7.4%) ...201020827779
group a rotavirus detection on environmental surfaces in a hospital intensive care unit.background: environmental surfaces can play a role in the spread of pathogens, such as enteric viruses, within a hospital. this study assessed the level of contamination of group a rotavirus (rv-a) on environmental surfaces samples from an adult intensive care unit in a hospital in rio de janeiro, brazil. methods: a total of 504 environmental surface samples were obtained from multiple sites in the intensive care unit, including flushing buttons, telephones, and alcohol gel supports. nested and ...201122018841
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