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[populational chromosomal polymorphism the asian forest mouse apodemus peninsulae].29 individuals of apodemus peninsulae, an asian forest mouse from the suputin state nature reserve (maritime territory) were studied karyologically. diploid chromosome sets of the animals studied contained from 48 to 52 chromosomes. the difference in the diploid chromosome numbers is caused by the presence in some individuals of supernumerary metacentric chromosomes (up to 4). the set is always represented by 48 acrocentric chromosomes, gradually decreasing in size. the supernumerary metacentric ...19751218720
genetic characterization of hantaviruses transmitted by the korean field mouse (apodemus peninsulae), far east an epizootiologic survey of 122 rodents captured in vladivostok, russia, antibodies positive for hantavirus were found in apodemus peninsulae (4/70), a. agrarius (1/39), and clethrionomys rufocanus (1/8). the hantavirus sequences identified in two seropositive a. peninsulae and two patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) from the primorye region of far east russia were designated as solovey and primorye, respectively. the nucleotide sequences of the solovey, primorye, and a ...200212141960
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