genetic diversity of anaplasma and ehrlichia in the asian part of russia.totally, 2590 questing adult ixodes persulcatus ticks and 1458 small mammals from ural, siberia, and the far east as well as 53 haemaphysalis concinna, 136 haem. japonica, and 43 dermacentor silvarum ticks--exclusively adults--from the far east were examined for the presence of ehrlichia and anaplasma by nested pcr based on the 16s rrna gene. both anaplasma phagocytophilum and ehrlichia muris were found in i. persulcatus and small mammals from all the studied regions. myodes spp., microtus spp., ...201021771512
[b chromosome morphotypes of apodemus peninsulae (rodentia) from the russian far east].polymorphism of b chromosome morphotypes in the natural populations of the korean field mouse apodemus peninsulae (n = 367) has been studied in five regions of the russian far east: magadan and amur regions, the jewish autonomous region, khabarovsk and primorskii regions. six groups of b chromosome morphotypes have been described on the size and morphological parameters. on the basis of their combinations 78 cell clones have been revealed, 23 of which are found in the animals with a stable karyo ...201222567902
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