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immunohistochemical characterisation of parasitic pneumonias of dolphins stranded in the canary islands.this is the first work that applies immunohistochemistry in the characterisation of the inflammatory infiltrate of verminous bronchopneumonia associated with lungworm parasites in stranded dolphins. samples from three different species (stenella coerulealba, stenella frontalis and delphinus delphis) stranded in the canary islands were used. the most common findings found in these animals varied from bronchitis to verminous bronchopneumonia with different degree of severity. the immunohistochemic ...201525882640
retrospective study of etiologic agents associated with nonsuppurative meningoencephalitis in stranded cetaceans in the canary islands.nineteen natural cases of etiologically undetermined encephalitides in free-ranging cetaceans were studied retrospectively. histological examination of the brains revealed variable degrees of nonsuppurative encephalitis or meningoencephalitis, characterized predominantly by perivascular lymphohistiocytic infiltrates. a pcr assay was used on brain and other available tissues to detect the presence of morbillivirus, herpesvirus, west nile virus, toxoplasma gondii, and brucella spp. in addition, im ...201424759718
pulmonary angiomatosis and hemangioma in common dolphins (delphinus delphis) stranded in canary islands.vascular tumors and disorders, like angiomatosis, are rarely described in cetacean species. a retrospective histological study was carried out on lung samples from 35 common dolphins (delphinus delphis) stranded in the canary islands coasts looking for morphological vascular changes and likely related causes. twenty-five out of thirty-five (71%) common dolphins showed focal or multifocal angiomatosis-like lesions. a high association between this type of vascular proliferation and parasitic infes ...201222467071
pathological and immunohistochemical study of gastrointestinal lesions in dolphins stranded in the canary islands.this paper describes the gross, histopathological and immunohistochemical characteristics of gastrointestinal lesions and regional lymph nodes of six common dolphins (delphinus delphis), 11 striped dolphins (stenella coeruleoalba) and six atlantic spotted dolphins (stenella frontalis) found stranded along the coasts of the canary islands. the most common lesion was chronic granulomatous gastritis of the glandular stomach, associated with the parasite pholeter gastrophilus, and characterised by t ...200616997997
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