toxoplasmosis seroprevalence in urban rodents: a survey in niamey, niger.a serological survey of toxoplasma gondii was conducted on 766 domestic and peridomestic rodents from 46 trapping sites throughout the city of niamey, niger. a low seroprevalence was found over the whole town with only 1.96% of the rodents found seropositive. however, differences between species were important, ranging from less than 2% in truly commensal mastomys natalensis, rattus rattus and mus musculus, while garden-associated arvicanthis niloticus displayed 9.1% of seropositive individuals. ...201323828008
spatial segregation between invasive and native commensal rodents in an urban environment: a case study in niamey, niger.invasive rodents have been responsible for the diffusion worldwide of many zoonotic agents, thus representing major threats for public health. cities are important hubs for people and goods exchange and are thus expected to play a pivotal role in invasive commensal rodent dissemination. yet, data about urban rodents' ecology, especially invasive vs. native species interactions, are dramatically scarce. here, we provide results of an extensive survey of urban rodents conducted in niamey, niger, d ...201425379785
rodent-borne trypanosoma from cities and villages of niger and nigeria: a special role for the invasive genus rattus?although they are known to sometimes infect humans, atypical trypanosomes are very poorly documented, especially in africa where one lethal case has yet been described. here we conducted a survey of rodent-borne trypanosoma in 19 towns and villages of niger and nigeria, with a special emphasis on niamey, the capital city of niger. the 1,298 rodents that were captured yielded 189 qpcr-positive animals from 14 localities, thus corresponding to a 14.6% overall prevalence. rats, especially black rat ...201728373037
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