[acute encephalitis and bacterial meningitis in children in aichi prefecture (1984-1993)].a survey was performed of acute encephalitis and bacterial meningitis in infancy and childhood from 1984 to 1993 using a questionnaire directed to departments of pediatrics in large hospitals in aichi prefecture. the case records for 391 patients with acute encephalitis including related diseases and 328 patients with bacterial meningitis were obtained from 63 hospitals. of 391 patients with acute encephalitis, 224 were male and 167 were female. of 328 patients with bacterial meningitis, 200 wer ...19957647351
epidemiology of acute childhood encephalitis. aichi prefecture, japan, 1984-90.the case records for 256 patients with acute encephalitis, including meningoencephalitis, acute encephalopathy and reye syndrome, were obtained from 36 departments of pediatrics in large hospitals through questionnaires which were sent in 1990-92. the incidence rate per 100,000 child years was 3.3, and was more frequent in children aged 0-4 years (rate 6.6) than 5-15 years (rate 2.0), with statistical significance. the disease in the 105 etiologically diagnosed patients was due to measles virus ...19938214344
modified adult measles in outbreaks in japan, 2007-2008.different genotypes of c1, d3, d5, and h1 were isolated in outbreaks of 1984, 1987-1988, 1991-1993, and 2001, respectively, when the previous circulating genotype was replaced successively by a new genotype, through molecular studies of measles since 1984 in japan. in march 2007, several patients with measles were observed in outpatient clinics, who were all young adolescents in high school and university students. the outbreak expanded subsequently throughout japanese districts in may and is st ...200919382253
detection and genotyping of rubella virus from exanthematous patients suspected of having measles using reverse transcription-pcr.between july 2012 and march 2013, a total of 133 clinical specimens from 47 patients suspected of having measles were collected for virological surveillance in aichi prefecture, japan. facing the rubella epidemic, the reverse transcription (rt)-pcr protocol for measles virus (mev) was modified to simultaneously detect rubella virus (rubv) in these clinical specimens. as a result, 30 specimens from 15 patients were positive for rubv and 8 specimens from 3 patients were positive for mev. the rubv ...201425241692
case-based surveillance enhanced with measles virus detection/genotyping is essential to maintain measles elimination in aichi prefecture, japan.japan was verified as having achieved measles elimination by the measles regional verification commission in the western pacific region in march 2015. verification of measles elimination implies the absence of continuous endemic transmission. after the last epidemic in 2007 with an estimated 18,000 cases, japan introduced nationwide case-based measles surveillance in january 2008. laboratory diagnosis for all suspected measles cases is essentially required by law, and virus detection tests are m ...201526342850
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