isolation and characterization of alkane degrading bacteria from petroleum reservoir waste water in iran (kerman and tehran provenances).petroleum products spill and leakage have become two major environmental challenges in iran. sampling was performed in the petroleum reservoir waste water of tehran and kerman provinces of iran. alkane degrading bacteria were isolated by enrichment in a bushnel-hass medium, with hexadecane as sole source of carbon and energy. the isolated strains were identified by amplification of 16s rdna gene and sequencing. specific primers were used for identification of alkane hydroxylase gene. fifteen alk ...201323790464
isolation and identification of anionic surfactant degrading bacteria from activated sludge.linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (labs) is an anionic surfactant widely used all over the world. they will eventually end-up and accumulate in household or industrial sewage. due to their high foaming capabilities which can cause numerous problems in sewage treatment facilities as well as direct toxic effects on many different organisms in ecosystem; they are generally considered as serious pollutants. many reports have indicated that common bacteria can readily degrade labs.200718051949
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