phenotypic & genetic characterization of bacillus cereus isolated from the acute diarrhoeal patients.bacillus cereus is one of the pathogens responsible for human diarrhoea, mainly due to consumption of contaminated food. the present study was undertaken to determine the occurrence of b. cereus among diarrhoeal patients and its phenotypic and genetic characteristics that determine the virulence and clonal features.201121321425
production of polypeptide antibiotic from streptomyces parvulus and its antibacterial activity.a highly potent secondary metabolite producing actinomycetes strain is isolated from marine soil sediments of visakhapatnam sea coast, bay of bengal. over all ten strains are isolated from the collected soil sediments. among the ten actinomycetes strains the broad spectrum strain rspsn2 was selected for molecular characterization, antibiotic production and its purification. the nucleotide sequence of the 1 rrna gene (1261 base pairs) of the most potent strain evidenced a 96% similarity with stre ...201424948949
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