[detection of north-asia tick-borne spotted fever in ticks and rodents along the heilongjiang river-side by restriction fragment length polymorphism of pcr products].in order to elucidate the natural foci of north-asia tick-borne spotted fever along the bank of heilongjiang river, we used pcr/rflp to detect spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks and rodents. the results showed that the wild samples of dermacentor silvarum, haemaphysalis concinna and apodemus agrarius, microtus fortis, clethrionomys rufocanus and ondatra zibethica were all positive with amplification, but typhus rickettsiae, tsutsugamushi fever rickettsiae and q fever rickettsiae were all n ...19979812471
co-circulation of hantaan, kenkeme, and khabarovsk hantaviruses in bolshoy ussuriysky island, china.hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) was first recognized in far eastern asia in the 1930s, and has been highly prevalent in this region ever since. to reveal the molecular epidemiology of hantaviruses in this region, a total of 374 small mammals (eight species of rodents and one species of shrew) were captured in the chinese part of the bolshoy ussuriysky island (heilongjiang province). hantavirus sequences were recovered from three striped field mice (apodemus agrarius), 11 maximowicz' ...201425087879
[the infection status of leptospira in rodents on the heixiazi island of heilongjiang province, china,in 2011].to study the infection status of leptospira in rodents on heixiazi island heilongjiang province in 2011.201324113098
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