reconsidering the effects of tannin on seed dispersal by rodents: evidence from enclosure and field experiments with artificial seeds.the question of how tannin affects feeding and hoarding preferences of rodents still remains poorly understood, in part, because it is difficult to control for other seed traits when considering the sole effect of tannin. here, we constructed a series of artificial 'seeds' with different tannin levels, made from wheat flour, peanut powder and hydrolysable tannins, to determine the direct effects of tannin on both feeding and hoarding preferences. we first presented 'seeds' to individual rodents ...201324161819
[characterization of s gene of a strain of hantavirus isolated from apodemus peninsulae in heilongjiang province].in order to study the molecular characterization of the hantavirus isolated from apodemus peninsulae in heilongjiang province, the s gene of a new strain na33 was amplified, sequenced and analyzed. the results showed that the complete nucleotide sequence of the s gene of na33 strain was composed of 1 693 nucleotides with ta-rich. the s gene contained one orf, starting at position 37 and ending at position 1 326, encoding the n protein of 429 amino acid residues, and in line with htn-based coding ...201223233926
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