oxidative stress on domestic ducks (shaoxing duck) chronically exposed in a mercury-selenium coexisting mining area in china.the wanshan mercury mine is the largest mercury deposit in guizhou province, china. few attempts have been made to study the toxic effects of mercury on biota in this mining area. this study was the first to investigate the oxidative stress on domestic ducks (shaoxing duck) chronically exposed to mercury in the wanshan mining area. chemical analyses revealed higher concentrations of both, mercury and selenium in samples from the wanshan area. total mercury and selenium concentrations in duck tis ...200616406582
accumulation of mercury, selenium and pcbs in domestic duck brain, liver and egg from a contaminated area with an investigation of their redox responses.pcbs and methylmercury (mehg) are two of the most ubiquitous contaminants in the qingzhen (qz) area of guizhou province. the estimated tolerable daily intakes (tdis) of total mercury (t-hg), mehg, pcbs and se from contaminated rice, eggs and fish by chinese people in qz showed that both mehg and pcbs exceeded the corresponding safety limits. pearson's correlation analyses of mercury and se in all duck tissues showed that there were high correlations with t-hg or mehg and se in qz samples. howeve ...201323454823
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