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blood flukes (digenea: aporocotylidae) of stingrays (myliobatiformes: dasyatidae): orchispirium heterovitellatum from himantura imbricata in the bay of bengal and a new genus and species of aporocotylidae from dasyatis sabina in the northern gulf of mexico.we redescribe orchispirium heterovitellatum based on the holotype and 3 original voucher specimens collected from the mesenteric blood vessels of scaly whiprays himantura imbricata (bloch and schneider, 1801) (as dasyatis imbricatus) captured in the western bay of bengal off waltair, india. we emend the diagnosis of orchispirium to include anterior sucker present, testis looping, cirrus sac enveloping large internal seminal vesicle, oviducal seminal receptacle present, and metraterm short and th ...200818576823
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