seasonal variation and bioactivity in the leaf oil of liriodendron tulipifera growing in huntsville, alabama.the seasonal variation in the chemical composition of the leaf essential oil of liriodendron tulipifera has been analyzed by gc-ms. two individual trees were sampled five times during the course of the growing season. twenty components were identified in the leaf oils, which were dominated by sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, principally germacrene d and beta-elemene, in the early part of the season (42-44% and 18-23%, respectively,) but monoterpene hydrocarbons, largely (z)-beta-ocimene, dominated th ...200919634333
emetic food poisoning caused by bacillus cereus.symptoms of acute food poisoning developed in eight members of a group who ate lunch at a cafeteria. after brief incubation periods, all affected individuals complained of nausea and abdominal cramps. four persons promptly experienced vomiting. none of those affected was found to have fever and all recovered with 48 hours. epidemiologic investigation incriminated macaroni and cheese as a cause of the illness and samples of this food contained large numbers of bacillus cereus. previous outbreaks ...19816786233
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