intracytoplasmic inclusions in circulating leukocytes from an eastern box turtle (terrapene carolina carolina) with iridoviral infection.a free-ranging adult female eastern box turtle (terrapene carolina carolina) was presented to the university of tennessee in october 2003 because of suspected trauma and blindness. physical examination revealed lethargy, clear ocular and nasal discharges, and white oral and laryngeal plaques. intracytoplasmic inclusions within heterophils and large mononuclear leukocytes were observed on routine blood smear examination. postmortem findings included necrosis of epithelial and parenchymal cells wi ...200617092902
pcr prevalence of ranavirus in free-ranging eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina) at rehabilitation centers in three southeastern us states.ranaviruses (genus ranavirus) have been observed in disease epidemics and mass mortality events in free-ranging amphibian, turtle, and tortoise populations worldwide. infection is highly fatal in turtles, and the potential impact on endangered populations could be devastating. our objectives were to determine the prevalence of ranavirus dna in blood and oral swabs, report associated clinical signs of infection, and determine spatial distribution of infected turtles. blood and oral swabs were tak ...201121719848
frog virus 3 prevalence in tadpole populations inhabiting cattle-access and non-access wetlands in tennessee, usa.ranaviruses have been associated with most of the reported larval anuran die-offs in the united states. it is hypothesized that anthropogenically induced stress may increase pathogen prevalence in amphibian populations by compromising immunity. cattle use of wetlands may stress resident tadpole populations by reducing water quality. we isolated a ranavirus from green frog rana clamitans (n = 80) and american bullfrog r. catesbeiana (n = 104) tadpoles collected at 5 cattle-access and 3 non-access ...200717972750
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