ecosystem-based management of predator-prey relationships: piscivorous birds and salmonids.predator-prey relationships are often altered as a result of human activities. where prey are legally protected, conservation action may include lethal predator control. in the columbia river basin (pacific northwest, usa and canada), piscivorous predators have been implicated in contributing to a lack of recovery of several endangered anadromous salmonids (oncorhynchus spp.), and lethal and nonlethal control programs have been instituted against both piscine and avian species. to determine the ...200818488627
spatiotemporal trends in fish mercury from a mine-dominated ecosystem: clear lake, california.clear lake, california, usa, receives acid mine drainage and mercury (hg) from the sulphur bank mercury mine, a u.s. environmental protection agency (u.s. epa) superfund site that was active intermittently from 1873 to 1957 and partially remediated in 1992. mercury concentrations were analyzed primarily in four species of clear lake fishes: inland silversides (menidia beryllina, planktivore), common carp (cyprinus carpio, benthic scavenger/omnivore), channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus, benthic ...200819475924
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