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serologic and molecular characterization of anaplasma species infection in farm animals and ticks from sicily.although anaplasma marginale was known to be endemic in italy, the diversity of anaplasma spp. from this area have not been characterized. in this study, the prevalence of anaplasma spp. antibodies in randomly selected farm animals collected on the island of sicily was determined by use of a msp5 celisa for anaplasma spp. and an immunofluorescence test specific for anaplasma phagocytophilum. genetic variation among strains of anaplasma spp. from animals and ticks was characterized using the a. m ...200516043300
dog tick-borne diseases in sicily many tick borne diseases are endemic, in particular way those that see like main carrier ticks that prefer, for their vital cycle, climatic conditions characterized by high temperatures and a warmth-humid atmosphere. the more important pathologies transmitted by ticks causing diseases in dogs are babesiosis and ehrlichiosis. borrelia burgdorferi, anaplasma phagocytophilum, rickettsia conorii, coxiella burnetii and tick transmitted encephalitis virus assume particular relevance because ...200616881419
anaplasmosis in cattle in italy.bovine anaplasmosis caused by anaplasma marginale is a disease transmitted by ticks belonging to the ixodidae family. southern italy is considered an endemic zone but environmental and social factors are changing the epidemiology of the disease to expand to previously anaplasmosis-free regions. the available data of published reports of anaplasmosis in italy together with the data obtained by the national centre of reference for anaplasma, babesia, rickettsia and theileria (, allow ...200717682850
prevalence and genotypes of anaplasma species and habitat suitability for ticks in a mediterranean ecosystem.anaplasma species are tick-transmitted pathogens that impact veterinary and human health. sicily is one of the locations where these pathogens are endemic. sicily represents a typical mediterranean ecosystem to study anaplasma infection and tick habitat suitability. the aims of this study were (i) to characterize by 16s rrna and species-specific msp4 gene pcr the prevalence and genotypes of a. marginale, a. phagocytophilum, and a. ovis in the most abundant host species in sicilian provinces and ...200818978093
anaplasma phagocytophilum intragranulocytic morulae in aborting sheep: a herd case in sicily.the present report describes the haematological and serological findings observed in a dairy sheep farm during an aborting outbreak. fifty ewes divided into two groups were included in the study: group a consisted of 35 healthy ewes and group b consisted of 15 ill subjects. from each ewe, blood samples were collected for microscopic examination and serological assay. after 3 months, all ewes were subjected to microscopic examination, serological and biochemical assay. morula-containing granulocy ...201121463497
anaplasma phagocytophilum seroprevalence in equids: a survey in sicily (italy).this study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in equidae and investigate the possibility of exposure to the organism in sicily (southern italy). during the study blood samples were collected in horses and donkeys housed in five of the nine provinces of sicilian island. of 133 horses and 100 donkeys tested, respectively 9.0% and 6.0% were seroactive (ifat) with a. phagocytophilum antigen. in only 4.7% of the horses, specific a. phagocytophilum dna wa ...201222362364
detection of leishmania infantum, babesia canis, and rickettsiae in ticks removed from dogs living in italy.the aims of this study were to determine natural infections by anaplasma phagocytophilum/anaplasma platys, bartonella henselae, ehrlichia canis, leishmania infantum, rickettsia spp., babesia spp., and hepatozoon spp. by molecular methods in ticks (n=91) removed from dogs with clinical signs and laboratory abnormalities compatible with tick-borne diseases (n=22) living in italy and to assess the distribution and species of ticks encountered. ticks from dogs living in southern italy were all ident ...201223182545
a molecular survey of anaplasma spp., rickettsia spp., ehrlichia canis and babesia microti in foxes and fleas from sicily.fleas (insecta: siphonaptera) are obligate bloodsucking insects, which parasitize birds and mammals, and are distributed throughout the world. several species have been implicated in pathogen transmission. this study aimed to monitor red foxes and the fleas isolated from them in the palermo and ragusa provinces of sicily, italy, as these organisms are potential reservoirs and vectors of pathogens. thirteen foxes (vulpes vulpes) and 110 fleas were analysed by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) to de ...201324589112
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