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infectious diseases in mexico. a survey from obtained at a central laboratory for emerging, re-emerging, and other infectious diseases in mexico from 1995-2000 are presented. an outstanding increase of den-3 circulation was identified. aedes aegypti, the dengue vector, is widely distributed. leptospirosis has become the most important differential diagnosis for dengue. identification of rabies virus variants allowed cataloging of new transmitters of rabies. rotavirus showed a clear seasonal distribution, while different proportions of ...200212234523
molecular characterization of atypical antigenic variants of canine rabies virus reveals its reintroduction by wildlife vectors in southeastern mexico.rabies is an infectious viral disease that is practically always fatal following the onset of clinical signs. in mexico, the last case of human rabies transmitted by dogs was reported in 2006 and canine rabies has declined significantly due to vaccination campaigns implemented in the country. here we report on the molecular characterization of six rabies virus strains found in yucatan and chiapas, remarkably, four of them showed an atypical reaction pattern when antigenic characterization with a ...201728819692
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