variation in field isolates of measles virus during an 8-year period in japan.field isolates of measles virus (mv) during an 8-year period in four areas of japan, i.e., osaka, nagoya, tokyo and akita, were classified into three types in regard to the electrophoretic mobility of the hemagglutinin (ha) proteins: s type with small (78k) ha, m type with intermediate (80 k) ha and l type with large (82 k) ha. the type of field isolates was closely related with the geographical location and the year of virus isolation. the s type strain was isolated only in an outbreak from 198 ...19938321151
acute lower respiratory infections in hospitalized children over a 6 year period in tokyo.acute lower respiratory infections are major causes of hospitalization in children and are mainly caused by respiratory viruses. in the present study, we investigated the etiologic agents responsible for acute lower respiratory infections from the period november 1986 to october 1992 in order to determine the seasonal pattern and different characteristics of age distribution of respiratory infectious agents, mainly virus infections.199910530065
the 2011 measles outbreak in tokyo. an analysis of surveillance data.the study was conducted with the intention of establishing a strategy to eliminate measles on the basis of an analysis of the epidemiological profile of measles cases reported in tokyo during the year 2011.201424739941
single genotype of measles virus is dominant whereas several genotypes of mumps virus are co-circulating.we have reported that in japan measles virus strains have been classified into three distinct different genotypes (c1, d3 and d5) under the new international genotype classification since 1984. similarly, mumps virus strains have been divided into two genotypes with three subtypes (b1, b2, b3, and d) under the proposed international classification since 1976. to differentiate these genotypes we developed a restriction fragment length polymorphism assay in the hemagglutinin (h) region for measles ...200011002259
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