studies on the occurrence and distribution of hi antibodies against some arboviruses in the serum of domestic mammals in puglia.the virological and serological studies previously carried out on arboviruses in italy are reviewed. the presence of antibodies to 11 arboviruses was investigated in the serum of various domestic animals (100 horses, 107 pigs, 102 sheep, 205 goats, 100 cattle and 200 dogs) from some areas of puglia. the techniques are described. the results, given in tables and discussed in detail, support the hypothesis that in this region also there are arboviruses circulating, particularly those of group b.1977201546
persistent pestivirus infection in sheep in apulia (southern italy).a study in a flock of 100 sheep was carried out to detect animals persistently infected with border disease virus (bdv). from buffy coats of animals without neutralizing antipestivirus antibodies, 6 non cytopathic pestiviruses were isolated in cell cultures. using 3 monoclonal antibodies, the 6 viruses were initially characterized as bdv strains.19948065275
[seroepidemiological studies on zoonoses in farm workers in apulia]. 19958663974
bluetongue virus isolations from midges belonging to the obsoletus complex (culicoides, diptera: ceratopogonidae) in italy.between july and september 2002 there were outbreaks of bluetongue on three sheep holdings in the communities of san gregorio magno (salerno, campania), laviano (salerno, campania) and carpino (foggia, puglia), and the involvement of bluetongue virus (btv) was confirmed serologically and virologically. the mortality rate was at least 11 per cent and involved btv serotype 2 (btv-2) and serotype 9 (btv-9). these holdings were also surveyed for the culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) vectors; app ...200516055660
single nucleotide polymorphism detection in promoter iii of the acetyl-coa carboxylase-alpha gene in sheep.three novel snps were identified in the locus oar292286, encoding the dna sequence of promoter iii of the ovine acetyl-coa carboxylase-alpha gene, in italian sheep of four breeds: gentile di puglia (25 individuals) and sopravissana (31) which are triple-purpose local endangered breeds, comisana (25) which is a local non-selected, non-endangered dairy breed and sarda (15) which is a popular selected high yielding dairy breed. variant alleles are: g/t at 1330 bp, c/g at 1338 bp and c/t at 1430 bp. ...200516274427
genome-wide analysis of italian sheep diversity reveals a strong geographic pattern and cryptic relationships between breeds.italy counts several sheep breeds, arisen over centuries as a consequence of ancient and recent genetic and demographic events. to finely reconstruct genetic structure and relationships between italian sheep, 496 subjects from 19 breeds were typed at 50k single nucleotide polymorphism loci. a subset of foreign breeds from the sheep hapmap dataset was also included in the analyses. genetic distances (as visualized either in a network or in a multidimensional scaling analysis of identical by state ...201424303943
ovine acyl coa:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1- molecular characterization, polymorphisms and association with milk traits.the objective of this work was to characterize the complete coding region of the ovine acylcoa:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 (dgat1) gene of three italian sheep breeds: sarda, altamurana and gentile di puglia. characterization was accomplished by direct sequencing of 8676 bp of the relevant dna, including introns and partial 5' and 3' untranslated regions (utrs). we detected five novel snps; one snp (g.5553c>t) is located in intron 2, has similar frequencies in the three breeds and showed a n ...200919466941
[human cystic hydatidosis in italy: a public health emergency? past to present].starting from 1991 the central office of statistics istat, according to changed regulations on notification of infective diseases, stopped reporting official national data on human hydatidosis. on the other hand until then notified data, concerning only about a hundred cases per year in mean during the last decades and just 36 in 1991, appeared unreliable, suggesting a diffusion far from the actual. owing to specific studies on different research groups it is possible to try to describe a not ex ...200415305684
characterization of the geographical origin of pecorino sardo cheese by casein stable isotope ((13)c/(12)c and (15)n/(14)n) ratios and free amino acid ratios.the stable isotope ratios ((13)c/(12)c and (15)n/(14)n) of casein measured by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (irms) and some free amino acid ratios (his/pro, ile/pro, met/pro, and thr/pro) determined by hplc in samples of ewes' milk cheese from sardinia, sicily, and apulia were found to be parameters independent of ripening time. multivariate data treatments performed by applying both unsupervised (principal component analysis and cluster analysis) and supervised [linear discriminant analysis ( ...200111312872
tick-borne diseases of livestock in italy: general review and results of recent studies carried out in the apulia region.this paper reviews basic information on the knowledge of tick-borne diseases, babesiosis, anaplasmosis and theileriosis, in horses, cattle, sheep and goats in italy with particular reference to the southern part of the country. it is stressed that there is limited knowledge about the parasite species present, their vectors, distribution, prevalence and impact on livestock production and there is the need to assess their epidemiology. a study carried out in the apulia region to assess the prevale ...199911071537
g- and r-banding comparison of sheep (ovis aries l.) chromosomes.g- and r-banded chromosomes of 14 gentile di puglia sheep (ovis aries l., 2n = 54) from southern italy were compared at the 450-band level (iscnda, 1989). gtg-, gbg-, rbg-, and rba-banding techniques were employed on slides obtained from blood cell cultures that had incorporated brdu either early or late in the replication cycle. the banding comparison improved the characterization of sheep chromosomes and allowed the construction of g- and r-banded idiograms using only one common banding nomenc ...19957956369
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