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[epidemiological study on toxoplasma infection in human beings and animals in shandong province].a total of number of 6822 samples of human serum and 3093 samples of animal serum collected from 7 prefectures and cities were detected for the anti-toxoplasma antibodies by using the indirect hemagglutination (iha) test in shandong province. the positive rate of population was 4.06 +/- 0.24%. the antibody positive rates of swine, sheep, rabbits, chicken and ducks were 14.05%, 8.52%, 2.43%, 2.98% and 23.33% respectively. after the data were treated with groups analysis and stratified analysis, i ...19892736611
[epidemiological features of human brucellosis in the rural areas in shandong during 1990-1996].epidemiologic features of brucellosis in the rural areas in shandong in the 90's were studied and analysed by means of epidemiological and statistical methods. results indicated an increasing trend in incidence of the disease (trend tast: chi 2 = 76.06, p < 0.01). cases mainly concentrated in few economically poor regions connecting jinan, zibo, binzhou and weifang cities or prefectures. the patients showed serious and classical clinical symptoms. more cases under 14 years and over 60 years old ...199810322713
detection of immunoglobulin g to crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus in sheep sera by recombinant nucleoprotein-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent and immunofluorescence assays.crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus is a tick-borne virus that causes severe hemorrhagic symptoms with an up to 50% mortality rate in humans. wild and domestic animals, such as sheep, cattle and goats, are the reservoirs. the recombinant nucleoprotein-based crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus antibody detection systems for sheep sera were developed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and an indirect immunofluorescence assay techniques. the samples used for evaluation were 80 sera co ...200312565161
[genetic diversity of indigenous sheep breeds in shandong province based on microsatellite markers study].by using 24 microsatellite markers, this paper studied the genetic diversity of four indigenous sheep breeds in shandong province. 467 alleles were detected from 164 sheep of 71 breeding groups, and the proportion of effective alleles was 49.59%. the differences of the allele number among microsatellite loci were larger than those among breeds. 123 peculiar alleles and 43 dominative alleles were found from these sheep. 89% of the microsatellite markers were not in hardy-weinberg, and 50% of them ...200617066703
isolation and characterization of clostridium perfringens from apparently healthy animals of the shandong province of a pilot study the presence and frequency of clostridium (c.) perfringens was investigated among apparently healthy farm animals in the shandong province of china. 748 faecal samples were collected from 9 pig-, 4 sheep-, 7 cattle- and 5 rabbit farms. c. perfringens was isolated from 124 samples (16.6%). the isolates were classified into major toxin types by using pcr analysis detecting the genes encoding these toxins. all isolates were identified as c perfringens toxin type a. there are also s ...200717970339
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