ferret badger rabies origin and its revisited importance as potential source of rabies transmission in southeast china.the frequent occurrence of ferret badger-associated human rabies cases in southeast china highlights the lack of laboratory-based surveillance and urges revisiting the potential importance of this animal in rabies transmission. to determine if the ferret badgers actually contribute to human and dog rabies cases, and the possible origin of the ferret badger-associated rabies in the region, an active rabies survey was conducted to determine the frequency of rabies infection and seroprevalence in d ...201020691095
epidemic and maintenance of rabies in chinese ferret badgers (melogale moschata) indicated by epidemiology and the molecular signatures of rabies epidemic of chinese ferret badger-associated human rabies was investigated in wuyuan county, jiangxi province and rabies viruses isolates from ferret badgers in different districts in jiangxi and zhejiang provinces were sequenced with their nucleotides and amino acids and aligned for epidemiological analysis. the results showed that the human rabies in wuyuan are only associated with ferret badger bites; the rabies virus can be isolated in a high percentage of ferret badgers in the epidemic a ...201323689981
molecular characterization of three ferret badger (melogale moschata) rabies virus isolates from jiangxi province, china.ferret badger (fb) rabies viruses jx09-17(fb), jx09-18 and jx10-37 were isolated from three different regions in jiangxi province, china, in 2009 and 2010. the complete nucleotide sequence identity between these three isolates was 87-93 %. compared with the other chinese rabies virus isolates and vaccine strains, 101 substitutions (53 in jx10-37, 23 in jx09-17(fb) and 25 in jx09-18) in the five structural proteins were observed, and 47 of these substitutions (27 in jx10-37, 14 in jx09-17(fb) and ...201424643334
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