yersiniosis in sheep due to yersinia outbreak of acute yersiniosis occurred amongst sheep transported from inner mongolia to hunan province in southern china. morbidity was 41% and mortality of affected sheep was 34%. eleven apparently identical isolates of yersinia enterocolitica were obtained from liver, lung and skin lesions of affected sheep and all were biotype 3. isolates could not be serotyped with available antisera. lesions were observed in the skin, intestine, liver and lungs. the causative bacterium is apparently diff ...19947953581
theileriosis of sheep and goats in china.theileriosis is an important disease of sheep and goats in west china. its main distribution includes qinghai, gansu, ningxia, inner mongolia, shaanxi and sichuan. the epidemic period is from late march to july with april-may being the peak months. this is the period of most intensive tick attack by haemaphysalis qinghaiensis (77.2-99.24%) during the year. it has been proved that the nymphs and adults, which develop from larvae and nymphs engorged on infected sheep or goats can transmit the path ...19979512737
food and nutrient intakes among nomads living in three different areas of inner mongolia, china.the subjects, from mongolian-style gel tribes, aged 6-79 years, living in three different areas of inner mongolia, were asked about their daily food consumption in august 2001 using the 24-hr dietary recall method. there were no significant differences in food intakes between males and females of the same age group in the same area, with a few exceptions, although considerable variation was found among individuals and areas for the amount of foods consumed. some subjects consumed greater amounts ...200515734703
characterization of the ghr gene genetic variation in chinese indigenous goat breeds.the aim of the present work was to investigate single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) of growth hormone receptor (ghr) gene exon 10, characterize the genetic variation in three chinese indigenous goat breeds, and search for its potential association with cashmere traits. in this study, a polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) protocol has been developed for rapid genotyping of the ghr gene in goats. one hundred seventy-eight goats from liaoning cashmere (96), ...201120364329
a novel genetic variant of the goat six6 gene and its association with production traits in chinese goat breeds.we looked for novel genetic variations within the six6 gene by pcr-sscp, dna sequencing and forced rflp-pcr and estimated their associations with production traits in 2132 goats of eight indigenous chinese breeds. a novel single nucleotide polymorphism (nm_001104993.1: g.232t>c) within the goat six6 gene was identified. the frequencies of allele "c" varied from 0.8621 to 1.000, which were in hardy-weinberg equilibrium. genotype and allele frequencies were found to be significantly differe ...201122179999
analysis of genetic variability at codon 42 within caprine prion protein gene in relation to production traits in chinese domestic this study, genetic variability at codon 42 within prion protein (prnp) gene and its associations with production traits were investigated in 2002 goats from four chinese domestic breeds. the frequencies of allele "a" ranged from 0.353 to 0.562 in analyzed goat breeds with hardy-weinberg equilibrium (p > 0.05) except xinong sannen (xnsn) dairy breed. the establishment of relationships between different genotypes and growth traits was performed in inner mongolia white cashmere (imwc) breed and ...201122161245
intraspecific and interspecific genetic variation of gongylonema pulchrum and two rodent gongylonema spp. (g. aegypti and g. neoplasticum), with the proposal of g. nepalensis n. sp. for the isolate in water buffaloes from nepal.the gullet worm (gongylonema pulchrum) has been recorded from a variety of mammals worldwide. in an earlier study, we demonstrated two separate transmission cycles in cattle (bos taurus) and wild mammals in japan based on nucleotide sequences of the ribosomal rna gene (rdna) and cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (cox-1) region of mitochondrial dna of multiple isolates of different origins. our earlier study additionally demonstrated two major cox-1 haplotypes of g. pulchrum prevalent in cattle in j ...201626531300
expression of vimentin in hair follicle growth cycle of inner mongolian cashmere goats.the growth of inner mongolian cashmere goat skin hair follicle exhibits a periodic growth pattern. the hair growth cycle is distinguished as telogen, anagen, and catagen stages. the role of vimentin in the growth process of hair follicles is evident. to elucidate the mechanism underlying the vimentin activity in the growth cycle of hair follicles, transcriptome sequencing and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry were used to obtain the nucleic acid and amino acid sequences of viim gene ...201829320989
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