[surveillance on the etiology and genetic characteristics of rabies in hunan province, from 2008 to 2009].to analyze the etiology of rabies in hunan province and the genetic characteristics of rabies n gene isolated from 2008 to 2009.201122333083
molecular epidemiology of rabies in southern people's republic of recent years, the number of human rabies cases in the people's republic of china has increased during severe epidemics in 3 southern provinces (guizhou, guangxi, and hunan). to analyze the causes of the high incidence of human rabies in this region, during 2005-2007, we collected 2,887 brain specimens from apparently healthy domestic dogs used for meat consumption in restaurants, 4 specimens from suspected rabid dogs, and 3 from humans with rabies in the 3 provinces. partial nucleoprotein gen ...200919751579
[viral surveillance on rabies in hunan province, in 2006].to understand the source and distribution of rabies virus (rv) in hunan province with viral surveillance in order to provide scientific measures for prevention and control on rabies.200819173884
[the primary application of direct rapid immunohistochemical test to rabies diagnosis in china].evaluation of the direct rapid immumohistochemical test (drit) for laboratory surveillance of rabies.200819031692
[characterization of rabies virus phosphoprotein in high prevalence provinces of china].characterization of rabies virus phosphoprotein through analyzation of genetic variations about rabies virus phosphoproteins in high-incidence regions in china.200819031691
[survey and anslysis of infection rate of dog rabies in the regions with high incidence of human rabies].to investigate the situation of dog rabies and analyze it's relationship with human rabies.200819031690
molecular characterization of the complete genome of a street rabies virus isolated in this study, the complete genomic sequence of a rabies virus isolate hn10, recovered from brain tissue of a rabid patient in china, was determined. this is the first chinese street isolate that has been fully characterized. the overall organization of this virus is typical of that observed for all other rabies viruses. alignments of amino acid sequences of the phosphoprotein, glycoprotein and large protein of hn10 with those of other rabies viruses were used to examine the extent of conservati ...200919463716
an outbreak of pig rabies in hunan province, china.the first dog-associated outbreak of rabies in swine in china (hunan province) has been diagnosed and the related virus isolated. sequence analysis showed that the pig isolate was a genotype 1 rabies virus with a very high nucleotide identity to local dog isolates.200817559696
re-emerging of rabies in shaanxi province, china, 2009 to explore the epidemiological, phylogeographic and migration characteristics of human rabies in shaanxi province, china from 2009 to 2015.201728112421
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